The science of wellbeing

From Fear to Courage

Understanding and overcoming what's holding you back through the science of wellbeing.

Uncover your inner wisdom

When stress, illness, past trauma or overwhelm are in the driving seat. 

When the warning light is flashing, but you keep going; telling yourself it will be fine. When you know you need to make a change but have no idea where to start.

It’s time to take back control.

Trauma, life events, chronic stress, pain and chaos keep you in a state of survival. You’ve been told it’s normal, it takes time, it will get easier. But it hasn’t. 

Unlocking the link between your mind and body is key to shifting your physical, emotional and mental state. It’s the missing link you’ve been looking for (and it’s where the magic happens).

Through courses, coaching and workplace training, Emma will help you unlock the knowledge, tools and inner wisdom you need to heal, recover and thrive.

Change is tough.
Staying where you are is tougher.

Why? Because the body keeps score.

Your poor sleep, mood swings, hormone imbalance, sore muscles, dysregulated gut, that general feeling your health is out of control is an alarm going off. And you can’t keep pushing the snooze button. It’s time to switch off auto-pilot and listen to what your body and mind are telling you.

Ready to shift your state of being?

Time to transform with a little help from the science of wellbeing. 

I'm Emma

Having experienced more stressful moments in life than most, I know first-hand the impact of illness, overwhelm and stress on the body. Whether it’s improving workplace wellbeing or helping individuals with personal growth and changing mindset, my mission is to help before things reach breaking point.

There is profound wisdom in your body that is often neglected and forgotten when you are stuck in a state of over-thinking. By understanding the mind-body connection, you can shift out of the constant thinking and reignite your inner compass, fuel your purpose and move into a space of feeling and connection. This is a much more fulfilling place to be.

My soul purpose is to help you feel empowered and educated as you navigate the emotions, habits and limiting beliefs holding you back. 

“Your breathing and the way your body reacts to outside influences is a window into the disconnection between your body, mind, and emotions.”

My journey to this point has been unconventional. I trained as a physiotherapist and expanded my work to breathing coach and acupuncturist. After decades of clinic work and thousands of clients, I had seen first-hand how many were stuck on autopilot. My own crazy journey of trauma has been a game-changer in understanding how to make huge shifts, and I bring the tools and wisdom I learned on moving from survival mode to thrive mode to my courses, coaching and training.

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From chaos to control

My techniques for helping you feel safe, connected and thriving

Change your mindset
Change your life

Based on science, backed up by compassion. Emma’s coaching, workshops, retreats and courses are here to support you at whatever stage in life you’re at.

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Courses & Coaching with Emma


Your six-month Mastermind course on releasing, healing and nourishing your mind and body for a successful life.

Identify the fatigue, stress and trauma that’s holding you back in life. Unlock your inner wisdom and become EMPOWERED to thrive. 

Be guided and nurtured in a safe, intimate group coaching environment online with other like-minded women. Empower is for women committed to being the catalyst for change in all aspects of their life



An eight-week group coaching course to retrain the mind and body with the help of the nervous system.

Dive into the gremlins that hijack your health and create new habits instead. TRANSFORM teaches you how to change your mindset and inner dialogue to find clarity on what’s serving you and what’s not.

Transform is crafted for men and women who need to refuel the energy tank, recharge sleep (get on top of snoring!) and find balance in hormones and mood. Grounded in the science of stress, Emma uncovers the link you are missing to help you move into recovery mode. 



One-on-one Online Coaching to awaken your inner knowledge and intuition, learn how to relieve stress and keep calm

Create transformation and uncover what’s holding you back. With Emma’s knowledge and compassion guiding you, create a road map to move from survival to recovery and finally thrive. 

Work directly with Emma to transform your wellbeing, relationships, and career by unlocking barriers between your mind, body and nervous system. Flourish is for men and women who want to dive deeper into understanding what’s going on and ultimately want to experience vibrant health and wellness.


A practical and enlightening professional development workshop to help teams deal with workplace stress, boost productivity and supercharge communication.

Unlock the secret to thriving teams and better workplace wellbeing. Workplace stress is one of the leading causes of sick leave and staff disengagement. Learn how to get your team THRIVING again after uncertainty, chaos and the impact of Covid.

Led by Emma Ferris, Thrive workplace wellbeing workshops combine the science of stress with behavioural change, communication and mindset to empower staff to take control of their wellbeing and choices. 



An incredible four-day women's retreat set amongst the idyllic lake and mountain setting of Glenorchy.

Nourish your soul and reconnect with your body and heart by joining one of Emma’s highly sought-after retreats. An experience created to nurture, nourish and give you a much-needed sense of quiet and calm. 

Designed to make you stop, nurture your soul and take a break from the stresses women face in our everyday lives. NOURISH is for you if you’re running on empty, feeling disconnected and need an enforced pause in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful destinations.


Keynote Speaker

Emma Ferris is a speaker, personal coach and passionate advocate for understanding the mind-body connection.

Exuding more enthusiasm and energy than most, Emma’s speaking events and training are a no-holds-barred dive into the reality of stress, illness, mindset and past trauma. Emma’s practical, science-based approach has made her a popular facilitator of workplace wellbeing workshops.  


FREE Resources

Whether you want to beat stress, learn to breathe better or change your mindset, take a look at Emma’s hand-picked selection of free resources to help you get started.

15-minute Stress Relief Video

Your 15-minute stress-relieving class to help unwind the muscles that take the full brunt of being stuck in stress mode. A gentle movement sequence to connect you with your body, release tension, improve bad breathing and create calm in the body.

Empower Masterclass

Join Emma on the next Empower Masterclass. In this 90-minute group coaching session, you'll learn to Identify the fatigue, stress and trauma that's holding you back in life. The best person to take control of your life is you - gain the confidence to make it happen.

Test Your Breath

Take the simple breathing quiz today and take the first step to connecting your mind and body. When it comes to stress, learning how your breathing pattern can be the catalyst for keeping you in autopilot mode is a game-changer.

My Top 5 Books

FREE Book Recommendations Want to learn how to heal from stress, grief, anxiety and pain but don't know where to start? Start your own journey to clarity and healing with this collection of amazing books from my favourite authors and researchers.

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