What A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Can Do For You

What a pelvic floor Physiotherapist can do for you: Breathing, stress and having babies

Pelvic Floor and Childbirth I was delighted to be joined by the gorgeous Physiotherapist Lisa Carnie from Pelvic Solutions. Lisa is an inspiration to men and women out there that have been struggling around pelvic conditions and is on a mission to talk openly and educate how they can get back in control. Physical Therapy […]

Breathing, Mindfulness and Golf

Master Your Breath For Better Golf: Breathing, Mindfulness and Golf

Take your golf game to the next level. Find the hidden secret that top golfers are using to help them improve mental and physical game on the course. Something as simple as changing the way you breathe can be a game changer.

Breathing Techniques to Improve Your Golf

Breathing and golf

What would you do to improve your golf? What if you were missing one of the key fundamentals that could make a big difference to your handicap. What if it was as simple as learning how to breathe? As a Physiotherapist and Breathing Coach from New Zealand I have had the pleasure to works with […]

Reduce Stress & Improve Performance For Golfers

Mindfulness and breathing exercises

I love working with golfers and using lots of the creative tools that help improve performance and decrease pain. In this video, I chat with NZ Golf Physiotherapist, Bryce Hamer from Bay Physiotherapy Centre in Tauranga, about some of the tools we both use to help our top and upcoming golfers improve swing performance, help […]

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