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Back Pain & Your Pelvic Floor


Back Pain & Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Back Pain

Join me, Emma Ferris, while I interview world-class pelvic floor Physiotherapist Lisa Carnie from Pelvic Solutions. In this video, we discuss why 80% of the world have back pain and how many people may not realise but a missing link to this may be pelvic floor dysfunction.

I am a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and breathing coach based in New Zealand. I teach people around the world how breathing retraining impacts your health.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is often lumped into a one size fits all treatment and the pelvic floor is often missed.

Join Lisa and I while we discuss how:

– Pelvic floor can be weakened from childbirth, getting older, or can be too tight triggering back pain.

– Other reasons, such as uterine prolapse can cause back pain and can create a dragging feeling. These can be missed if seeing a general therapist.

– Need to assess and treat the pelvic floor to give a holistic review. If it is weak, it needs to be strengthened. If it is too tight, it needs to be relaxed.

– Learn about your pelvic floor anatomy as Lisa shows you what your muscles do. See how your pelvic floor muscles connect to the spine

– Your diaphragm and pelvic floor are teammates and if they are not working together, then that is when problems occur.

– Learn how you activate your core muscles. Spoiler alert it isn’t about sucking your belly button to spine.

– If you understand how your core works, then you can be less fearful with movement.

– Learn how smiling activates your core muscles and improves breathing.

– The deep stability system comes on when you exhale.

– Essential for training pelvic floor is learning how much activation you need for the task you are doing.

– Breathing is critical for improving pelvic floor function.

– Changing your posture can improve your breathing and pelvic floor function.

– Small things you do with your breath, posture and pelvic floor can make a big difference.

– What you do every day makes a difference instead of just doing exercises only.

– Understand how pain signals work and how you think about your pain can be changed to make changes.

– The goal should be getting people back to things that they love. What can I do!

– One critical take home is you need to fight for your health. Figure out your why

– There are multiple subgroups of back pain and not a one size fits all model.

– The body is a healing machine.

– Simple things make a difference.

– Posture, breathing, mindset and movement are all linked.

To learn more about what Lisa does go to

Or if you are ready to get control of stress and take the first step along your breath journey you can learn from us at The Breath Effect @

To connect with me at The Breath Effect you can reach out or join me on my 30 day online Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress Course here

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