Nurture &
Nourish Retreat

Rooted in evidence, wrapped in serenity. Empower yourself with scientifically-proven tools and practices, ensuring wellbeing that extends beyond your stay.

August 23 - September 1st 2024

Nurture & Nourish Bali

Nurture & Nourish Retreats – where science gracefully dances with soul. Experience luxury well-being adventures tailored just for the discerning woman.

In our sacred space, you’re surrounded by kindred spirits, women who understand and resonate. Find solace, connection, and camaraderie amidst Bali’s tranquility.

Every moment at Nurture & Nourish is meticulously curated, blending holistic experiences with luxury. It’s not just a retreat; it’s a voyage to your most authentic self.

The Nurture & Nourish experience doesn’t conclude after ten days. Depart equipped, enlightened, and empowered with techniques that infuse calm and clarity into your daily life.

The Locations

Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud & Seminyak

A Harmonious Blend of Luxury and Nature

Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud(4 Nights) Located amidst the serene beauty of rice paddies and rainforest-clad ravines, Blue Karma Dijiwa Ubud is a boutique hotel offering an ethnic chic luxury experience. Perched on the gentle slopes of a hill, this sanctuary blends elegance with the natural beauty of Bali, offering a peaceful escape steeped in local traditions.

Blue Karma Dijiwa Seminyak(5 nights) Nestled in the heart of Seminyak, Blue Karma Dijiwa Seminyak stands as a symbol of opulence, blending modern sophistication with traditional charm. This boutique hotel is a tranquil oasis, offering a unique balance of tranquility and elegance in one of Bali’s most sought-after destinations. It’s a place where tradition and modernity create an unparalleled escape.

Both properties embody the essence of Blue Karma: a haven for reconnection with others, nature, and oneself. They offer an immersive experience where luxury meets tradition, ensuring your retreat is not only nurturing and nourishing but also memorable and transformative.

Meet Your Guide

Emma Ferris

Inspirational Stress, Breath & Resilience Coach

Emma has helped thousands of stressed-out, sick and overwhelmed people bring back the calm in their life. Through The Breath Effect, she can help you reset your life by resetting your health. Through Emma’s work as a clinical physiotherapist, professional development coach and stress expert, as well as her own life experiences, she has created a formula for release and transformation. 

Emma’s abundance of personal and professional experience, combined with research, has helped her develop the tools to allow others to heal and to continue to heal themselves. Her mission is to help you shift out of constant thinking and stress and discover the profound wisdom you have within.

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Only 10 spaces available

Pay $2500 deposit with the final payment due May 1st.

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Double Occupancy Room

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$9292 NZD

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Retreat Dates August 23rd to September 1st 2024

Each day will include

  • Breakfast and Dinner with healthy and hearty organic meals daily from locally sourced permaculture gardens
  • Divine morning movement and breath practice
  • Daily space to learn tools on breathing, coping with stress, and regulating your nervous system.
  • Practical Coaching sessions on changing your mindset to help process challenging emotions, stress and reframe your future direction.  
  • Time each day to immerse yourself in the deep reverence of Balinese culture
  • Time to pamper yourself at the spa
  • Space each day to listen within and to each other

What’s included


  • 9 nights/10 days in total split between at Blue Karma Ubud(4 nights) and Seminyak(5 nights).
  • Blue Karma Ubud is an  enchanting boutique hotel nestled amidst the lush embrace of rice paddies and rainforest-clad ravines.
  • Blue Karma Seminyak boutique hotel has solidified its reputation as one of Bali’s most coveted hotspots, exuding an irresistible ethnic-style allure that remains timeless. Enjoy your private pool in Blue Karma Seminyak
  • Welcome drink and cold towel upon arrival 
  • Complimentary use Yukata and slipper in the room  
  • Complimentary daily 2 bottles of water at each hotel 
  • WIFI throughout the hotels


  • Breakfast and dinner made from healthy and hearty organic meals daily
  • Two x 60 minutes massage with your choice of (Balinese massage, deep tissue, or hot stone massage). One while at Blue Karma Ubud and one while in Seminyak.
  • 5 yoga sessions over the retreat and delicious movement practice daily
  • Meditation sessions
  • Daily Breathwork practices to reset your nervous system
  • Free time to relax, swim, journal


  • Transformational group sessions. 
  • Balinese Cooking Class
  • Purification Ritual
  • North Bali adventure and Secret Waterfall
  • Boreh making classes 
  • Balinese Ancestral Herbal Remedies – Learn Jamu recipes, herbal drinks made from plant roots, seeds, leaves and sometimes fruits
  • Balinese Boreh class – traditional healing recipe of herbs and various spices used as a healthy body wrap treatment.

The unexpected is part of the journey: Although we are weaving amazing experiences into this trip, sometimes unexpected things come up. If a site has an unscheduled closing, we improvise to include something equally as wonderful and interesting. The quality of the trip is never at risk, as our hosts at Blue Karma are committed to excellence, along with their vast connections all over the island.

  • Roundtrip airfare to/from Denpasar International Airport (DPS)
  • Gratuities for staff and drivers
  • Individual expenses while traveling (e.g. gifts, additional spa therapies)
  • Trip cancellation insurance (required)
  • Additional food and snacks beyond included Breakfast and dinner meals at Blue Karma
  • Alcoholic beverages and specialty drinks
  • Optional massage and spa services
  • Airport transfers
  • Note: Blue Karma is required by law to add 21% tax and service charge to goods and services

With a legacy of aiding hundreds of women to retreat and reconnect, step into a realm where your well-being is our priority, and transformation is a promise.

Have you been neglecting your health and are ready for a reset?

Are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed?

Do you feel stuck and lack clarity in your life? 

Are you ready to shift from depletion to an abundance of energy?

Are you suffering from a lot of pain in your body?

Are you experiencing anxiety and finding sleep difficult?

Do you find it challenging to speak your truth and set boundaries? 

Do you experience a lot of negative self-talk?

Are you yearning for time out for yourself and to be taken care of?

Whether you arrive exhausted, seeking clarity, or yearning for growth, Nurture & Nourish offers the time, space, and skills tailored to your transformative needs.

Tools to create lasting change from the inside out to navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity.

Experience the safety of a tribe of like-minded women and learn to restore, rejuvenate and reconnect together.

Exhale and relax in a space where your joy, sadness, radiance and brilliance is celebrated. It's all welcome here with us.

3 Easy Steps to Your Transformation


Reserve your place

Click the ‘Reserve Your Spot Today’ button and follow the instructions to reserve your place


Experience 10 days of deep guided retreat

Immerse into 10 days of professionally guided retreat on August 23rd 2024 in Bali


Return Reinvigorated

Bring a new Self into your life beyond the retreat

Our Promises To You...

Teach tools to continue to reset, restore and rejuvenate in your everyday life.

Allow you permission to listen and honor your body's needs.

We will create a safe, confidential container with like-minded women.

Walk beside you in support every step of the way

Help you experience the cultural experience that is Bali

Allow plenty of down time to deeply rest.


You’ll find our most common questions answered here...

The best place to fly in is Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

While we know the unforeseen can happen in life, for us to be able to secure your place and create a fantastic experience, the $1000USD deposit is non-refundable.
Every guest is required to have travel insurance for their time on retreat.

The remaining portion of the retreat is due for payment by June 30th 2023. Once paid, that secures your full retreat.
Cancellation after that point is not refundable, which is why travel insurance protects you.

Please check with your Travel agent the rules for your country if a Visa is required.

ELECTRONIC VISA ON ARRIVAL (eVOA)- Now available- The eVOA can now be obtained BEFORE arrival with a dedicated immigration lane, eliminating much of the waiting-in-line delays, stress, hassle, etc. Details (including the full list of eligible countries) are here:

The eVOA can be obtained before arrival (and skip all those long lines) by applying on-line before departing for Bali.

Double check rules when you book your flights, as things change regularly in Bali.

Yes, a $1000 non-refundable deposit must be paid to reserve your spot. Your second portion of $1500NZD is due on 31st of January 2024.  The remaining portion of the retreat is due for payment by 20th of May 2024. Once paid, that secures your full retreat.

The Blue Karma luxury resort has an award-winning whole food restaurant serving nutritionist-prepared,  gourmet meals that can cater for any dietary requirements. We will ask you about your nutritional needs on the intake form we send you once your deposit has been paid.

With Nurture & Nourish, exclusivity meets depth, ensuring every woman is deeply seen, heard, and valued. The minimum number for the retreat is 6 for the retreat to proceed and the max number is 10.

The current rules for Indonesia are that you do not need to be fully vaccinated to enter Bali. We will keep you updated as these rules may be looking to be relaxed in the coming months. 

You can keep  updated with the latest information here.

All our sessions are suitable for people of all levels of experience. You can work with in your boundaries and we can offer adjustments or positions to help you feel safe with the movement.

Emma is a trained breathwork coach alongside a physiotherapist and can help you find the right tools to shift out of fear and reactivity and find calm. Breathwork is for everyone and Emma works first to reset your body to calm restorative breathing before we shift it into more energetic techniques. She shares the science behind breathing and stress so you are in control. 

We will help safely support you with any injuries that you may have. Emma is a clinical physiotherapist who has worked with men and women for almost two decades in her private practice.

To help us understand how we can support any injuries while on retreat, we send out a health questionnaire upon registration to each of our guests that will ask for your health information. We also can adapt the experience when you are there.

Rest is encouraged, so if you need to sleep or do something more gentle, we will help you listen to what your body needs.

If you are unsure if your body can handle the experience, email us at

We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance in case any last minute emergencies arise and you can not make the retreat.  If you can’t make it you are able to sell your spot to another woman but a refund will not be given after the deposit is made. See our cancellation policy above for more clarity.

It is always fun to travel with a girlfriend, and on our retreats, our guests often come on their own and leave with lifelong friends. We have a mix of single and double rooms available but book early as we only have 10 spaces on the retreat. 

Return Refreshed, Reinvigorated and with a new sense of purpose and identity

Whether you arrive burnt out, confused, exhausted, down, angry, frustrated or just looking for time out

Our Nurture & Nourish Retreat will give you all the time, space and skills you need to complete the transformation you need to happen.

Don’t just take our word for it...

"This is the most amazing experience that I have ever had. I only wished I had done it 30 years ago as I could have done things in such a different style. I have felt so safe at all times as Emma has guided me into this new part of my life. With all my thanks!"
“This is not something that I would normally do for myself. I mulled it over for a long time as something that other women would spend money and time on, but not me. Then my husband told me I should go for it and I am so grateful and glad that I did.

I had forgotten that my mind could be clear. That’s not something I’ll let myself forget again in a hurry. I just need to start with the body and let my mind follow. Thank you”
"I really enjoyed the breathing exercises - it unexpectedly helped me get out some of the emotions I had been holding in. I also loved the new conversations I was able to have with strangers and my mum, was new and nurture to our relationship.

Thank you for putting me in a better headspace and pointing out(through the journaling) some things I have been dealing with and need to work on to better my well-being"
"I absolutely loved the retreat and while I was really only expecting the breathing and yoga elements, the holistic approach to my well-being was invigorating, uplifting and I guess life-changing too.

This retreat was a thank you gift to Cath but I guess I was the one who received the gift so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oh and what an amazing group of women too! "
"This experience has been amazing. I have loved that in has been such a safe place for everyone to grow and share at a pace that has been right for them. Things that would otherwise be uncomfortable have been comfortable. I feel very nourished.

More than an a-ha, it has been a consolidation and reinforcement for my journey. Thank you."
"It really sunk in when Emma told us when women gather the stress hormones start to lower. I thought this is what I’ve been truly missing, gathering with women and speaking from our hearts.
I thought the combination of nature, yoga, breathing techniques all enabled me to sync back into my internal space.
Embrace my feminine instincts and listen once again to my heart and what my body is telling me. Thank you both so much."
"An amazing and fulfilling experience. My body feels light and fluid with movement. An amazing group of wonderful women with Emma us through this wonderful journey.

Thank you so much for your understanding and empathy. A magical time that will remain with me forever."
"The experience has made me feel lighter, as though lot of the weight I didn’t know I was carrying has been lifted from me. The retreat has built slowly to allow us to open and relax.

I enjoyed every aspect of it, but most especially the moments of calm and reflection - the breathing in shavasana, the walks ….. I have achieved what I was looking for."

Reserve Your Spot Today

Pay $2500 deposit with the final payment due May 1st.

Only 10 spaces available

Bring a Friend
Double Occupancy Room

$7442 NZD

Reserve today for $1000 NZD

Solo Soul Dive
Single Occupancy Room

$9292 NZD

Reserve today for $1000 NZD

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