How to Handle Stressful Situations at Work

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The cost of anxiety and depression has been estimated at 1 trillion in productivity each year globally. The problem is our workplaces can be pressure cooker where negative stress is created. Stress is the anthesis to creativity, shutting down our frontal lobe and making it harder for us to communicate, and work in collaboration. In this blog […]

How to Stress Less at Work – Smart strategies For Success

Stress at work

Everything you need to know about combating workplace stress  Do you love going to work? Does your work environment make you happy? If you answered no to either of these questions, don’t worry because you aren’t alone. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my survival tips for handling stress in a new workplace […]

6 Ways To Embrace Stress

What They Don’t Tell You About Stress (Hint: It’s Not All Bad). Have you ever experienced butterflies in your stomach? How about sweaty palms or a dry mouth? And we’ve all experienced a racing heart or shallow breathing in a moment of crisis. Welcome to the wonderful world of stress. While most of us dread the […]

Want to breathe better? Time to nose breathe!

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How to stay healthy, deal with stress and perform better with this simple breathing technique Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you that my big mantra in life is, small changes add up to big things. I see it all the time when my patients successfully tackle huge challenges by making […]

Breathing Techniques For Running

breathing techniques for running

Do you want to learn to run? Or are you a runner needing to take it to the next level? Learn the secrets to optimal breathing when running in this week’s blog. Take your running to the next level and be inspired to lace up and get outside.