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Sustain your momentum and integrate the tools of stress management and resilience into your life permanently, ensuring every decision and transition resonates authentically with your deepest self, steering you towards meaningful success.

WE ARE ALL DONE! OUR NEXT Empower Collective WILL BE IN late 2024.

Join the Empower Collective for our next 6 months of coaching only starting May 2024

Have you journeyed with us through the Empower Mastermind or Transform coaching?
Are you ready to keep that momentum going?

We understand the transformative power of continued group coaching—keeping you accountable, supported, and motivated to refine your habits and reactions.

IMAGINE Continuing to Craft a Life Filled with Joy, Purpose, and Mastery Over Your Well-Being.

Consider this:

What if you continued setting boundaries that prioritize your needs, allowing you to say 'yes' to what truly matters?

What if embedding resilience and mindfulness tools into your daily life ensured that your relationships not only sustained but thrived?

What if you were held accountable to the changes you aspire to make, clearly visualizing the future that unfolds from your commitment?

Embrace the journey with the Empower Collective, where every step is part of crafting a life filled with purpose, joy, and control over your well-being.





Continue your transformative journey now.
Live Group Coaching Begins:
Wednesday May 22nd 2024.

Live Call Dates:

 Wednesday May 22nd 2024, at 5-6 pm NZT

Wednesday June 19th 2024, at 5-6 pm NZT

Wednesday July 17th 2024, at 5-6 pm NZT

Wednesday August 14th 2024, at 5-6 pm NZT

Wednesday September 11th 2024, at 5-6 pm NZT

Wednesday October 9th 2024, at 5-6 pm NZT

Time Conversions

Same day 3-4pm AEST (Melbourne/Sydney)

Same day 12 pm AWST (Perth)

The day before 9 pm PDT (California)

Please verify your time zone, as daylight savings may affect live training schedules.

How the Empower Collective Elevates Your Journey:

Join us each month for a transformative 60-minute group session led by Emma Ferris. Accompanied by your exclusive Empower Collective e-Workbook, you'll be guided to reflect, plan, and refocus for the month ahead, keeping your progress and goals sharply in view.

Focus Areas of the Empower Collective:

Yes, it is possible to:

Dismantle Limiting Beliefs: Break free from the subtle constraints that have held you back, clearing the way to realize your dreams and embody your best self without reservations.

Master Self-Care Practices: Fortify your relationship with yourself through self-care, self-compassion, and self-regulation, establishing habits and rituals that propel you toward your desired outcomes.

Still reading?

If you're still here, there might be something holding you back. Let's address some common questions:

Due to the timing of the Empower Collective coaching we want everyone to start at the beginning of the 6 months. We cannot guarantee when the next round will be, so we encourage you secure your spot today.

While Empower focuses on group coaching, you have the option to purchase 1:1 coaching with Emma for accelerated results. These 50-minute private Zoom sessions provide a personalized growth pathway. Contact for details and to apply.

For women that have worked with Emma on her Transform one on one coaching and Empower Mastermind. It doesn’t have to be recent but it is important they have the fundamentals tools to help them make the most out of the 6 months of coaching. 

This 60 minute coaching each month is going to be structured with time both to reflect, regulate, connect and focus on what you are needing to have success in the next month. There will be time in breakout rooms talking with other women and there will be group sharing to help deepen the connection.

Our Empower live training sessions are recorded and shared to our private Facebook group when life gets in the way of you attending. You will get the best results from attending live and joining in – this really is where the magic happens! We have two training sessions per month.

The Live Coaching is 60 minutes long and is done via Zoom. Once you sign up, you will receive an initial email and reminder emails with the dates and links to add to your calendar. You can also find the times and Zoom links at the start of the course player and on this page.

The course platform is accessible via all web browsers, and live coaching is conducted via Zoom.

what's included


Engage in 60minute  live monthly group coaching sessions throughout the six-month Mastermind. Connect with like-minded women in leadership roles who are ready for transformative change. These sessions, conducted via Zoom, empower you to build your wellness toolkit and put it into practice

Empower Collective EWORKBOOK

This eWorkbook and planner serve as your guide, enabling you to track your progress and harness the power of small changes. During challenging times, refer back to this workbook to realign with a grounded and calmer version of yourself.


Join our exclusive community of women in business, leadership, and management who are part of the Collective. Benefit from bonus Facebook live sessions with Emma, where you can ask questions and engage with fellow participants.

Are you ready to extend your journey and enhance your mastery?
Let's embark on this transformative journey together.





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