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Unlock the potential to live and lead authentically, ensuring that every step, decision, and transition is not just taken but is deeply aligned with your truest self, steering your personal and professional life towards meaningful success.

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Are you a high-achieving woman in business, leadership, or management, feeling the relentless pressures of burnout? Imagine transforming your life from being stuck on autopilot to a journey filled with joy, purpose, and control over your well-being.

Consider this:

what if the stress you feel and the exhaustion you battle are not just nuisances, but your body's way of signaling a need for change? Your body speaks, warning of imbalance through stress and fatigue, and it's time to listen and respond with care and intention.

What if you could embrace these signals, transforming challenges into growth, guided expertly, and all from your preferred space? Whether you're navigating constant stress, seeking clarity in your career, or craving meaningful connections in your professional and personal life, understand this: you're not alone.

I've walked this path, feeling the burnout and hearing my body's calls for help while blending the intense worlds of work and personal life. But I've also discovered the beacon of hope and the power of the mind-body connection to break free from the cycle of stress.

Embark on this transformative journey with me. We'll harness your body's signals, step off autopilot, and pave a path to a life where stress is a whisper, not a roar—a life of authenticity, success, and fulfillment that is not just a distant dream, but your new, vibrant reality.

Address not only the physical, mental, and emotional warning signs your body is signaling but also venture into a deeper exploration of self, unearthing and redirecting your inner landscape to manifest an external world where you thrive.






Empower mastermind

Crafted for Women Ready to Reset Their Health and Personal Life

Secure your spot today for instant access to comprehensive course content, including two transformative courses. With only 12 spots available, our 6-month Empower Mastermind is designed for women ready to reshape their health, mindset, and life in a safe virtual space. Live Group Coaching begins in April 2024.

Start your transformative journey now.
Live Group Coaching Begins: Tuesday April 9th 2024.

Live Call Dates:

Tuesday April 9th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, April 23rd 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, May 7th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, May 21st 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, June 4th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, June 18th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, July 2nd 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Live Call Dates:

Tuesday, July 16th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, July 30th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, August 13th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, August 20th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, September 10th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Tuesday, September 24th 2024, at 4.30-6 pm NZT

Time Conversions

Same day 2.30-4pm AEST (Melbourne/Sydney)

Same day 11.30 am AWST (Perth)

The day before 8.30 pm PDT (California)

Please verify your time zone, as daylight savings may affect live training schedules.


In this course, you'll explore:

Safe & Calm

Catalyst for Change

Courage and Hope

Yes, it is possible to:

Delve into and dismantle the limiting beliefs that have subtly held you back, clearing the path to realising your dreams, and embodying the best version of yourself without reservations or apprehensions.

Learn the art of self-care, self-compassion, and self-regulation, ensuring that your relationship with yourself is fortified, empowering you to establish and maintain habits and rituals that propel you towards your desired life outcomes.

Still reading?

If you're still here, there might be something holding you back. Let's address some common questions:

Due to limited spaces in the Empower course, we curate each participant’s experience. We cannot guarantee when the next round will be, so we encourage you to apply now and secure your spot.

You have access to course videos, audio, and e-workbooks for 12 months, allowing you to work through modules at your own pace. Additional content is added based on group needs.

The course videos, audios, and exercises take around 5-20 minutes each day. You won’t need to complete content every day, but you will build a daily calm routine (10-30minutes) to help reset your nervous system.

The vision is that you are integrating the tools you learn with your daily habits. This includes how you communicate, relax, connect, and recover. Videos are bite-sized easily digestible videos so you can assimilate the tools into your life quickly.

While Empower focuses on group coaching, you have the option to purchase 1:1 coaching with Emma for accelerated results. These 50-minute private Zoom sessions provide a personalized growth pathway. Contact exhale@thebreatheffect.com for details and to apply.

Our Empower live training sessions are recorded and shared to our private Facebook group when life gets in the way of you attending. You will get the best results from attending live and joining in – this really is where the magic happens! We have two training sessions per month.

The Live Coaching is 60 minutes long and is done via Zoom. Once you sign up, you will receive an initial email and reminder emails with the dates and links to add to your calendar. You can also find the times and Zoom links at the start of the course player and on this page.

The course platform is accessible via all web browsers, and live coaching is conducted via Zoom.

Empower is not exclusive to business owners; it’s for women looking to take control of their life and health, including those in leadership, management, or business roles.

Once you complete the course, you can continue your growth journey by joining a future Empower Mastermind or exploring 1:1 Transform coaching with Emma.

Contact exhale@thebreatheffect.com for more details.


Emma Ferris

For over two decades, Emma has embarked on a profound journey, navigating the challenges of both business and life. Her personal rollercoaster experience in entrepreneurship, coupled with the demands of raising a family and adapting to the ever-evolving business landscape, has honed her transformative approach.

Drawing from her entrepreneurial experience and clinical expertise as a physiotherapist, breath and resilience coach, and acupuncturist, Emma has crafted a formula tailored for women in high-stress roles.

Emma merges the science of stress with the art of human connection, offering real-time solutions to break free from survival mode.

Her unique perspective on health, stress science, and the interplay between habits, psychology, and embodiment has made her a sought-after public speaker, professional development coach, and wellness expert.

Join Empower to immerse yourself in Emma’s empathy and wisdom. 

Empower mastermind

what's included


A curated series of educational videos designed for women in business, leadership, and management. These videos provide you with the tools and scientific knowledge needed to thrive over six months.

$4897 Value


Engage in live bi-monthly group coaching sessions throughout the six-month Mastermind. Connect with like-minded women in leadership roles who are ready for transformative change. These sessions, conducted via Zoom, empower you to build your wellness toolkit and put it into practice

$4897 Value


This eWorkbook and planner serve as your guide, enabling you to track your progress and harness the power of small changes. During challenging times, refer back to this workbook to realign with a grounded and calmer version of yourself.

$1642 Value


Join our exclusive community of women in business, leadership, and management who are part of the Mastermind. Benefit from bonus Facebook live sessions with Emma, where you can ask questions and engage with fellow participants.

$1567 Value

Bonus Transform course

Gain access to an additional 8-module Transform Video and Audio course, allowing you to delve deeper into understanding the core concepts. This course empowers you to experience vibrant health and wellness.

$1997 Value

Empower mastermind

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