Emma Ferris presents

Empower mastermind

From Fear to courage

Identify the barriers, stress, mindset and trauma that's holding you back in life. Unlock your inner wisdom and become EMPOWERED to thrive.

WE ARE ALL DONE! OUR NEXT Empower Mastermind WILL BE later IN 2023.

From speaker, mind-body coach and stress expert Emma Ferris

Empower mastermind

the brand NEW COURSE on recovering, healing and nourishing your mind and body for a successful life

I have a question for you:

What if you could take all of the challenges, grief and pain life has shown you and not only release it but GROW from it?

And do this all under the nurturing guidance of an expert in the comfort of your home.

Does any of this sound familiar?

But here's the issue:

What if I told you it's possible to take back control even if things feel completely out of control?

Imagine this...

What would it feel like to move from fear to courage and live your most authentic life? What would it feel like to have your energy tank complete without nagging stress draining you? To release long-held grief or tension?

As women, our evolutionary need to be supported by other women has been lost in our modern-day lives. We deal with stress differently than men, and to heal, we need to be nurtured and listened to as we grow and recover from our moments of chaos.

Join me for the six-month Empower Coaching Course and learn how to awaken your inner knowledge and intuition to manage stress, keep calm and move from fear to courage.

Over six months, you will work on healing yourself from the inside out. You will learn to harness your nervous system—where breath is key— to understand the link between immune response, energy, hormones, sleep, and the body. With this knowledge, you can move forward to create physical, mental, and emotional safety and then release and grow.

Learning to listen to your gut and your heart creates alignment and embodiment, which breaks the toxic stress cycle. We know our body keeps the score, and it is time to uncover the secret weapon you already have within to connect your emotions, body and mind.

Over the years, I have learnt the secret to making changes is to feel safe, supported and connected. And the best way I have found to do this is among a connected group of women.

Join the Empower Mastermind and you will join a community of heart-centered, wise women ready to support each other as they step into their power.


Empower mastermind

Empower is created for women just like you looking to reset your health

You can start the Mastermind today with instant access to course content. Join the Live Group Coaching in October 2023. Empower is a 6-month Mastermind for a special group of women ready to dive into their inner landscape and reframe health and mindset in a safe virtual space.


Over 6 months you will work on healing your nervous system, healing your body, breaking the toxic stress cycle and releasing tension while reprogramming a new way of showing up in life. 

In this course, you'll learn:


Safe & Calm

Safely release, process and grow from past and future life moments of chaos.

You’re going to learn:


Catalyst for Change

Speak your vision and your needs

You’re going to learn:


Courage and Hope

Shift fear to empowerment

You’re going to learn:

Yes, it is possible to:

Feel energised and empowered to speak your needs.

Heal and release pain and emotions from trauma and inner wounds

Listen to your internal warning system and recover before the body reacts

Aligning your head, heart, and gut creates a supercharged connection between your intuition and purpose, nurturing you into the woman you are meant to be.

Get inspired

These are some of the shifts people have experienced with Empower

Are you ready to take control of your health?


Emma Ferris

For more than two decades, Emma has lived, breathed and dived deep into trauma, stress, breath and grief. And most of this has been to do with her own rollercoaster of a life.

Through her own life experience alongside clinical work treating as a physiotherapist, breath coach and acupuncturist, Emma has created a formula for release and transformation.

Emma’s scientific mind and empathetic spirit have been the catalyst for creating The Breath Effect, a platform where she has helped thousands of people bring back the calm in their life.

Her unique lens on health, the science of stress and joining the dots between habits, psychology and embodiment have made her a sought-after public speaker, professional development coach and wellness expert.

Join Transform and experience for yourself the empathy and wisdom Emma radiates. Read more about Emma.

Empower mastermind

what's included


A series of educational videos created for you to digest and implement the tools shared and science learned over six months.

$4897 Value


Live bi-monthly group coaching over the six-month Mastermind is where the magic happens. Connect with like-minded women ready for change as we connect your mind and body so you can heal in a safe virtual space. Over the Zoom training, you will build your wellness toolbox and start putting it into practice.

$4897 Value


This eWorkbook and planner holds the secret for you to track your progress and discover the power of small changes. When the going gets tough, you can come back to the workbook and remind yourself how to recommit to a new, grounded and calmer version of yourself.

$1642 Value


Build connections and learn from other women on the Mastermind. Join Emma for bonus Facebook lives and ask questions that arise.

$1567 Value

Bonus Transform course

Bonus 8-module Transform Video and Audio course to help dive deeper into understanding what’s going on and ultimately want to experience vibrant health and wellness.

$1997 Value