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In this episode host Emma Ferris is joined by our resident Psychologist on The Bravery Academy Dr Victoria Thompson. The episode delves into the significance of addressing conflict and difficult conversations in the workplace, highlighting their inevitability while emphasizing the need to approach them in a manner that aligns with one’s needs and values. It suggests taking a step back to internally observe the situation and then adjusting and realigning one’s approach to work for a more positive experience.

Furthermore, the episode emphasizes that fostering a positive work environment involves engaging in deep and authentic conversations and cultivating a culture of listening and connection. It acknowledges that creating the right environment for these conversations is a separate aspect of leadership in the workplace, which will be explored in future episodes.

The episode also recognizes the profound impact of the pandemic on work-life balance and increased stress levels. It underscores the importance of building awareness around these stress reactions and establishing connections with others to navigate these challenges.

Overall, the episode focuses on the individual and cultural aspects of managing conflict and difficult conversations in the workplace. It highlights the significance of self-awareness, effective communication, and creating a supportive environment.

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The podcast episode delves into the topics of stress and resilience, offering practical tools for navigating challenging situations in life. Hosted by Emma Ferris, the episode addresses the issue of societal disconnection from our bodies and emotions, which often stems from being too focused on our thoughts. Emma emphasizes the importance of listening to our bodies and cultivating self-compassion.
Emma makes it clear that the podcast is not a substitute for professional help or mental health services, but rather a platform for empowerment, curiosity, and a catalyst for dealing with life’s difficulties. Drawing from her own personal experiences, Emma encourages listeners to see that they too can develop their own toolbox of stress and resilience tools.

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