Take your golf game to the next level. Find the hidden secret that top golfers are using to help them improve mental and physical game on the course. Something as simple as changing the way you breathe can be a game changer.

My name is Emma Ferris and I am a physiotherapist and breathing coach from New Zealand that works with golfers of all levels and handicaps. After working with top New Zealand pro golfers on the challenge and European tour, such as Josh Geary, I wanted to share with other golfers how you can use breathing awareness and breathing exercises to improve your golf performance and enjoyment.

Today I am joined by NZ Golf Physiotherapist Bryce Hamer to talk about how breathing which can improve mindfulness on the course and can benefit golfers.

In the video we talk about:

  • How breathing impacts your emotions, mind and body when playing golf and some of the small steps you can take to help improving your golf.
  • The role of a physiotherapist for golfers from weekend warriors to pros.
  • Understanding the habits and body patterns such as breathing and posture that can be impacting your golf.
  • Golf with your swing.
  • Breathing is a fundamental skill for health.
  • Breathing can be your super power
  • Learning how to manage stress for golf and how it impacts all of us differently
  • Resilience for golf
  • Learn about vagal tone and Heart Math and how breathing can help reset your heart rate variability.
  • How your thoughts and mindsets can change your body’s reaction.
  • How hormones are influenced by your posture and change your breathing.
  • Lumbar core activation with posterior breathing.

To learn more you can join me on my Live Golf workshops: Master Your Breath for Better Golf. Here I share the tools you can use both on and off the course and explain the science behind powerful breathing tools.