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Health Expert Interview: Jin Ong


Health Expert Interview: Jin Ong

Emma talks with Osteopath and Emotional Anatomy teacher – Jin Ong

Join me, Emma Ferris, while I talk with Osteopath and Emotional Anatomy teacher, Jin Ong. 

Our emotions are often ignored, pushed aside, and suppressed… but the problem is our body keeps the score. In this short video, we will go through how Jin works with clients and therapists to uncover the root behind suppressed emotions

Jin believes that your physical body is a manifestation of your emotional state which includes your life experiences, events, the good, the bad and the traumas which are all tied in with an emotion that wants to be discharged. 

If you don’t know how to properly express your emotions, they get suppressed in the body and become a source of stress. Over time, with more and more life events happening, these stresses start to build up until you can no longer cope. This is when the body starts to speak to you, it will give you physical discomforts, joint pains, a previous injury could flare up or you may find yourself constantly getting sick with colds or the flu.

It is important that when you start to feel the physical discomfort, illnesses or diseases in your body that can’t be explained or find the solution/diagnosis to come back to what was going on in your life at the time where your discomforts were triggered

These are 3 techniques Jin shares with her clients to express your emotions throughout the day:

The Scream 
Discharge your emotional and physical energy by going for a scream in your car. This way you can get it out of your system and won’t have that embarrassing outburst in public.

The Verbal Dialogue
This technique is great for expressing your emotion to someone who emotionally can not relate to what you have to say, or is mentally or physically not here. E.g. Your parents who have alzheimer’s or dementia who can’t communicate, people who are no longer in your life or in this world (adoption, death).

The Verbal Dialogue technique is saying out loud, all of the things you want to say to this person. Bring this person into your minds eye and express! Don’t be afraid to express all of the immoral thoughts and the nasty things too! You can even express the hate that you have, as there are so many people who want to forgive others and you can not do that until you acknowledge the negative emotions. 

The Inner Child
The Inner Child is talking to your younger self and expressing what you now know or showing yourself the support that you may not have felt at a younger age.

Over the years, Jin has noticed that the root problem of many issues that people spend 10s of thousands of dollars on, all comes back to their emotions, their background and the difficult relationships that people find too awkward to talk about. 

Jin and I encourage you to start looking at this side of your health and wellness, as Optimal Health is not just the simple things like what you eat or how often you exercise. 

Start looking at the way your body and emotions are needing to be expressed!

To look holistic at your wellness you need to pause, breathe and tune into your emotions. 

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