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Health Expert Interview: Kate Ivey


Health Expert Interview: Kate Ivey

Emma Ferris interviews Kate Ivey from Kate Ivey Fitness.

Join me, Emma Ferris, while I talk with Kate Ivey from Kate Ivey Fitness.

In this interview learn about Kate’s journey to health and fitness and how she is sharing her love of movement with the world.

Kate has always been passionate about health, fitness and sports. After having her three children she didn’t feel healthy or great about herself and decided to combine what she had learnt in her education, working with her clients and her own personal journey to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle which led to helping others in a similar position

DediKate is a global movement that Kate has created which has a variety of different workouts including HIIT, at-home resistance training, low impact, yoga, pilates and running workouts with plans that are all housed on an easy to navigate online platform. DediKate also offers nutritional information and live Q&A’s

There is an amazing, supportive online community where women can access their workouts live or at any time of the day and are all between 20-40 minutes. There are also a series of challenges that are taking off as a way of encouraging you to get started at a particular time and gain long term success. The idea around these challenges is that you don’t do an 8 week challenge, go hard and stop. Kate encourages around 4 workouts per week as it is a maintainable amount. 

To learn more about Kate or to jump into your FREE 2-week trial click HERE.

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