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Health Expert Interview: Kimberley Bell


Health Expert Interview: Kimberley Bell

Emma talks with Holistic, Non-Diet Nutritionist – Kimberley Bell

Join me, Emma Ferris, while I talk with Kimberley Bell on Nutrition and Optimal Health.

Kimberley is a non-diet, holistic nutritionist, who helps people take back control of their health, achieve their fitness goals, get off the diet-roller coaster, and develop a happy relationship with food and their body.

“I’m who you come to when you are done with diets” – Kimberley Bell

Like most young girls, Kimberley got sucked into ‘diet-culture’, and became obsessed with food. She started to look at diets so she could have ALL of the answers to control her body and how she looked. This led to a disordered relationship with food, a lot of restrictions, a lot of food fears and a negative body image where she wound up in an unhappy place. This is when Kimberley realised she wanted to help people create a positive relationship with food. 

Why doesn’t Kimberley believe in one set diet?

The reality is, there is very little we know for sure about nutrition in terms of what we need. We only know roughly how many grams of protein we need to support our function and we also have a rough idea of how much micro-nutrition we need to hit our minimums. There are people who can thrive off such a huge range of diets which shows how amazing our bodies are. There are populations who can survive on a diet that has 80% carbohydrates, there are others that can survive off 80% proteins or fats.

These populations have thrived for generations so we only have to look at different populations around the world to see how incredibly diverse our human bodies are. All you need is a base level of knowledge on how to meet your minimum requirements then from there you have so many options. 

Kimberley touches on gut health and the psychology around diets and ‘diet-culture’. These words have become such a disruption as when we are eating, we are focusing on the negatives such as ‘I wonder how many calories are in here?’ or ‘if I have this, what will I have to do tomorrow?’ which takes away from asking the positive question ‘how does this make my body feel?’

If there is one thing Kimerbley suggests for us to lean more towards, it is whole foods and making sure these wholefoods work with your lifestyle.

Remember to listen to what is going on in your world, it will change and what you are eating will need to be adapted. 

“I believe eating for self-care not self-restriction, and becoming your own body expert is where health through nutrition begins.” – Kimberley Bell

To check out Kimberley’s non-diet supportive content and yummy wholefood recipes head to her Instagram HERE.

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