Join Emma Ferris as she interviews Dr Tracy Chandler from Dr Wellness, a Functional Medicine Doctor based in New Zealand.

 Join me, Emma Ferris, while I talk with Dr Tracy Chandler from Dr Wellness, a Functional Medicine Doctor based in New Zealand.

Functional Medicine looks at what is going on under the hood of your health. For Emma, working with a Functional Medicine Doctor was a game-changer over 10 years ago. Learning to look at the why behind illness is a key step for restoring health.

Tracy shares a great analogy on what ‘Functional Medicine’ or ‘Holistic/Root Cause Medicine’ is: 

“Think of a symptom, then think of that symptom as a warning light on your car dashboard. The Conventional Medicine approach is taking the warning light out by giving you a tablet or a cream. Integrated and Functional medicine looks under the bonnet of why the engine light came on and also looks at the whole engine.”

Part of Functional Medicine is when you go through trauma or life events, we look underneath into all of the stress hormones and the components that come along with these traumas or life events.
It is all a part of empowering people out there to say ‘I’m going to learn about my body so I can get that optimal health and wellness’ 

But what is optimal health and wellness? Tracy finds that a lot of people come to her with such poor health, where it’s normal that they have headaches, achy joints, aren’t sleeping well or don’t have any energy. It is not normal to have any of these symptoms and you should have as much energy and health as you want – that is optimal health and wellness

“You should be able to have the energy and health to run a marathon at the age of 100 (if you want to) and that is what I am aiming for” – Tracy Chandler 

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