My Mission is simple

"I am on a mission to support healthy, conscious, authentic change in your life. 

I want to empower people to survive and thrive through the times in life that trigger stress.  Learning techniques such as breathing retraining, mindfulness and embodiment are powerful tools to reduce the impact of stress on our body and mind. Optimal, calm breathing is the cornerstone to healthy living and the superpower that we all need to help us get through the tough moments. By learning restorative breathing we reduce stress, gaining control over our mind, body and emotions." - Emma Ferris

Emma is the trailblazer behind The Breath Effect. She is a wellness architect, a breathing geek and someone who is truly, madly, deeply committed to teaching the world to embrace stress and reduce its impact by breathing effectively. By sharing her life journey of trauma, stress and grief, she shares the tools that have helped her reset her health and life. She motivates people to make a change when they are ready and in a sustainable way. 

Emma's training as a physiotherapist and breathing coach have combined to offer a unique lens on how you reset your health when in times of stress. Emma believes learning to change the physical habits of our body, including the way you breathe is critical elements to processing trauma and stress. She combines the research into stress with practical everyday tools.

Emma has created an online experience to help people reset their bad habits, reduce stress and cultivate more moments of calm. Her first online training is Breathe Right & Reduce Your Stress, a 30-day revolutionary training where Emma coaches you in her videos and live Breathing Masterclasses. Designed for both men and women Breathe Right is targeted at people that are ready to make a change in their relationship with stress and health.

After working with women on retreat and seeing the need for a women-specific guided coaching experience, Emma created The Busy Woman's Guide To Cultivating Calm. The Cultivating Calm Virtual Retreat guides women through a journey to reset their stress, health and relationships.

Emma is not your average Physiotherapist. She is a Breathing and Stress Transformation coach, a motivational and corporate speaker, an acupuncturist, a Pilates instructor and a registered physiotherapist with over 15 years' clinical experience.

You can connect with Emma on FacebookInstagramYouTube and Twitter @thebreatheffect

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You can connect with Emma on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter @thebreatheffect


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