Breathing Pattern Disorders Are Real

Discover where you sit in the breathing spectrum with the Nijmegen Breathing Test

The Nijmegen Breathing Test is an easy and reliable method used in breathing clinics and research around the world to help people identify breathing dysfunctions.

Why? Because breathing dysfunctions, such as the Hyperventilation Syndrome(HVS), are more common than you think and 1 in 10 people have HVS.

Take this free test to discover how well your breathing is, and where you sit in the Breathing Spectrum.

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Why Should I Check My Breathing?

Breathing is directly linked to key areas of body performance.

As soon as something goes wrong, breathing patterns change, letting your body know that the body is under threat. When Breathing Patterns change, your blood chemistry, and autonomic nervous systems get affected. Over time, poor immunity, altered digestion, and changes in hormones occur. You can tell by experiencing ‘signs of imbalance’, such as foggy thinking.


Can You Change That?

Yes! You Can Retrain Your Breath.

The Butterfly Effect’s foundation course ,The Big Exhale, is your opportunity to discover how breathing is related to wellbeing and how you can use it to be a more joyful, happier and healthier version of yourself. Better yet, you can try this life-changing experience for 5 days AT NO COST!
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