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What A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Can Do For You


What A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Can Do For You

Pelvic Floor and Childbirth

I was delighted to be joined by the gorgeous Physiotherapist Lisa Carnie from Pelvic Solutions. Lisa is an inspiration to men and women out there that have been struggling around pelvic conditions and is on a mission to talk openly and educate how they can get back in control.

Physical Therapy for Urinary Incontinence

Lisa shares her pain story around her first pregnancy and how that accelerated her journey to look at pelvic health. She is now moving onto her own exciting journey with her second pregnancy being 21 weeks pregnant.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

For many women when they have children it can be their first time that they are taught about the pelvic floor muscles. With one third of women experiencing urinary incontinence and one in ten experiencing fecal incontinence after childbirth the need for education and training of the pelvic floor muscles is crucial.

Signs of Pelvic Floor Dyfunction

Signs of pelvic floor dysfunction can range from leaking of bowel and bladder, painful sex, lower back and pelvic pain, dragging feeling in the pelvis, lack lustre orgasms to name just a few. Many of these conditions need to be treated not by just looking at someones pelvic floor muscles but actually how they breathe.

Breathing and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Our main breathing muscle the diaphragm should always be moving generating intra abdominal pressure. The pelvic floor works in unison with the breathing muscles supporting the organs of the bladder, uterus and bowel.

Seeing a Pelvic Floor and Breathing Physical Therapist

To learn to reactivate or relax your pelvic floor it is key to get the right support and advice. A breathing physiotherapist along with a pelvic floor physiotherapist are a key team to helping you restore function and control to this often neglected area.

Lisa is working hard to change experience this time round as a mum to be. Learn what she is doing to keep calm and carry on during Covid Crisis as a mum, business owner and women.

Join us while we talk about:

  • New mums to be and post partum mums and what they can do to help both improve their pelvic floor, improve sleep and decrease stretch.
  • How you can use your diaphragm to help activate and support the pelvic floor
  • How these get impacted with pregnancy
  • Poos and wees!!!
  • 50% of women in their life will experience prolapse some part of their lives
  • How to increase your bandwidth and resilience
  • Learning to put yourself first as mum and women.

Key take aways are when you should come into see a pelvic floor so you can avoid long term pelvic dysfunction – before the baby arrives! To learn more about how you can get your pelvic floor health on track then you can reach out to Lisa at Pelvic Solutions.

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