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Sex, Pain and Pelvic floor Dysfunction


Sex, Pain and Pelvic floor Dysfunction

Join me, Emma Ferris, while I interview world-class pelvic floor Physiotherapist Lisa Carnie from Pelvic Solutions. We are talking about SEX!

In this video, we discuss how pleasure through intimacy can be enhanced when you become aware of and train your pelvic floor. We also look at how breathing patterns and awareness can help and hinder sexual function.

I am a musculoskeletal physiotherapist and breathing coach based in New Zealand. I am on a mission to have tricky conversations that demystify health and wellness and empower people to rethink how they live their lives. My favourite tool for helping people is teaching you how to breathe. I teach people around the world how breathing retraining impacts your health and can help you gain control over stress.

Join Lisa and I while we discuss how:

  • Sex is an important part of your wellbeing
  • Sex can be hard to talk about and seen as taboo. We need to demystify sex.
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapist can help with pelvic floor dysfunction and sexual dysfunction.
  • Sexual health and pleasure is a clue to pelvic floor health.
  • Pain isn’t normal to experience during sex.
  • Men can experience sexual dysfunction with erections as well as tight pelvic floors causing pain.
  • Who wants to have intimacy if you have pain with sex.
  • Need to break the cycle of sexual dysfunction.
  • Sex is not just about penetration and can be about intimacy and connection. Lots of education needs to be done around intimacy.
  • Painful sex can be from pain just around the entrance to the vagina. Vaginal thrush can contribute to that. Need to let time for the cuts that can occur from thrush.
  • If pelvic floor muscles are too tight they can cause pain.
  • Like any muscle the pelvic floor muscle need to be trained.
  • Your breathing pattern impacts arousal and to get to climax.
  • If you are in your head then you can not climax and surrender.
  • To get control of pelvic floor dysfunction you need to learn and explore your own anatomy, what feels good with your body, you need to learn to breathe, see a pelvic floor physiotherapist.
  • Communication with your partner is key with establishing boundaries.
  • Learn to breathe through sex to build intimacy.
  • NO PAIN is acceptable during sex. Need to shrink the pain pathway and retrain the brain. Instead encourage anything that feels good.
  • Sex is a super power for women!

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