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Nurture Me Women's Wellness Retreat

"Bodybuilding is a unique but transformative sport, and it attracts women from all walks of life. Emma took the tools and skills for managing stress and adapted them into a workshop that was specific to the challenges our athletes face. The learnings they took from the conversation will help strengthen their mindset in the lead-up to their competitions but also prepare them for once the shows end. We know that with Emma's support, our athletes are able to help ensure their bodybuilding experience is as successful and enjoyable as possible."
“Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress”, what a course. I am today up to day 15 and the benefits have been incredible to date. I work hard, keep fit and active and eat well, however for the past 50 odd years have been constantly stressed and like a wound-up clock – burning out would be a fair description and without really understanding why! Understanding the relevance and benefits of good breathing has obviously been the missing link for me.It was simply a ‘No Brainer’ to go on to completing the full 30-day course. The course content is truly relevant, logical, topical and loaded with common sense – and your approach to presenting is refreshing. I found day 6, ‘Chillaxing’ of the most benefit to date, however each day brings new revelations such as ‘Why We Breathe’, ‘Which Breathing Pattern Are You’, just so enlightening, insightful and informative.. Thank you for making ‘Breathe Right’ so relevant and available.
Ted X
“Breathing should be easy, but it’s something I have always struggled with especially growing up with asthma. Thanks to Emma and the Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress course it’s now a lot easier. Even if you find breathing easy and already use your tummy and nose, you’ll still learn to become an even better breather and probably a lot calmer as well.”
I’m finding the information in Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress course excellent and I’m so much more aware of my bad breathing. My health is improving and I have more energy after working a stressful job for years and being aware that my breathing was becoming an issue. Thanks a million!”
One look at my hunched posture indicates how I’ve dealt with tension throughout my adult years. After a health scare and resulting anxiety attack, I decided my goal would be to develop new coping strategies. I’m working with Emma and The Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress course to retrain my breathing, enabling me to find calm more often and helping me better manage day-to-day pressures. The exercises that Emma prescribes are simple and designed to fit into “normal” life. I’m motivated and reassured to have Emma and The Breath Effect guiding me towards my goal.
Carrie W
I am currently pregnant and have had horrible pregnancy sickness from weeks 4 to 16. A mutual friend introduced me to Emma. Emma has been teaching me how to breathe while feeling nauseated to help relieve the symptoms. I found the breathing exercises helped me especially at nighttime. It was amazing how much the breathing exercises helped and how easy they were to do. Emma was very caring and understanding, explaining and teaching me all I needed to know and she continued to help me until the symptoms passed. I’d highly recommend Emma to anyone suffering with pregnancy sickness at whatever stage.
Kylie G
I went to one of Emma’s in-person Breath Effect courses, and enjoyed and got so much out of it, I came back for another and brought my teenage daughter, who used some of the techniques to deal with stress at school. I found Emma to be an amazing communicator, so decided I’d do the one-year Breath Effect course. I found the course to be a bit of comfort in a crazy covid year! With the daily lessons bringing a welcome routine. Along with helping me to slow down, it became a stepping stone for me to relax and focus more, and help me with my yoga and meditation practices which I am cultivating. Thanks Emma!
“Thank you very much for this course and sharing your insights. Adjusting my breathing has had great results and the course delivery is excellent. The videos give you a quick piece of information and I liked referring to the PDF later. Getting emails each day enticed me back to review.”
I was referred to Emma by my doctor for an ongoing knee and back problem. After a couple of sessions Emma suggested trying a breathing programme with an Inspiratory Muscle Trainer as well as stretching exercises. I used the programme twice daily for several months and I have not been back to physio now for over three months. It’s definitely helped me to get back to full mobility around the farm.
Allistair W
Learning to breathe calmly has made a big difference in my life. While yoga helped relieve many of my body aches and pains, it is practicing daily calm breathing that’s helped me manage stress and the pressures of life. I love the breathing exercises, which are simple and easy. They’ve made a big difference to my sleep especially.
Sue W

How’s Your Breathing?

You breathe 17,000 times per day.
That adds up to 6 million breaths a year.
Make sure you’re doing it right!

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