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"Bodybuilding is a unique but transformative sport, and it attracts women from all walks of life. Emma took the tools and skills for managing stress and adapted them into a workshop that was specific to the challenges our athletes face. The learnings they took from the conversation will help strengthen their mindset in the lead-up to their competitions but also prepare them for once the shows end. We know that with Emma's support, our athletes are able to help ensure their bodybuilding experience is as successful and enjoyable as possible."
"After hearing great things about Emma, we decided to engage with her services to provide support to our team members after a challenging year from the impact of Covid. We are a well-known business with a busy environment based in Queenstown and to have Emma’s support to help our team members in dealing with stress, breathing techniques, aches and pains and be that person for people to talk to has resulted in some amazing changes. Team Member Feedback – “Emma's been great, she made me feel super comfortable in all of our sessions even though I was a bit nervous about going. She's given me some things to work towards which I think are really helping to keep me focused. I've definitely seen a change in the way I react to stress, as well as a change in some other colleagues.” Team Member Feedback – “The breathing therapy was very eye opening to me. I’d never done anything like this before and proved to be very beneficial to take forward with me. Thanks for all the help” Team Member Feedback – “Emma has really helped me to get a better relationship and communication with my work colleges and how to control my stress levels. I have learnt how I can have a good life balance between work and family.”
Hannah Mathieson, Group Human Resource Manager for Ferg Foods Queenstown
"I started theTransform class with the expectation of learning to breathe properly. I was not aware of the depth that this journey would take me. During the time of this course my inner emotions were brought to the surface and I let things out that have been tucked away and eating at me for many years. I have found this course, and Emma, very helpful and as a result have now enrolled for the Empower Mastermind 6 month class."
"I decided to do the transform course after joining a free 60min workshop with Emma that I had seen online. For me it was timing, I was stressed and overwhelmed and feeling like I might burst if I don’t find an answer. I run a beautiful Day Spa with an amazing team and loyal clients, I have two children a husband and a group of wonderful friends. I am always trying to find best self-care practices to help me with life balance I also like to share these with my staff, clients and loved ones. It is a fast paced world we live in and some times we are the last ones to care for ourselves but after what was a close call with burnout I knew I had to start making some changes and I became aware that a lot of people were feeling the same. This course has been the right amount of education for me to understand the why, and also fast enough daily videos that I have been able to watch and implement, without having the excuse of not being able to find the time. I have learnt so much doing this online course. I am about to go back in a rewatch from the beginning to see what else might engrain in my brain to help with everyday life. Thank you Emma!"
“I am currently 3 months into Empower Mastermind and am already ready to recommend it to others. I have found it to be a safe space to be supported and encouraged in healing. Emma is helping me to grow a positive mindset, develop better breathing habits and embrace things that nourish me. The big deal is that I have been able to hold hope about the future and my ability to navigate grief and trauma for the first time in a long time. Emma really makes it what it is. She has a way of speaking and listening without judgement, and without labelling the things you are experiencing negatively, which helps with self-blame and the self-critic. Her knowledge and the way she shares it helps you to see the connections between everything in your body and mind, and helps you to believe it is manageable to practice calming the nervous system down. When you are stuck in overwhelm and exhausted, this is really useful. Joining something like the Empower Mastermind can be scary, especially as it requires a bit of vulnerability; deciding to join, being on Zoom, and contributing to a Facebook group. But it has enabled me to become more comfortable with vulnerability which is important in the healing process. It also feels good to show up for yourself and convince yourself you are worthy. The group of women that sign up all want the same things, and it becomes a powerful, safe and non-judgemental space to be.”
“Thank you very much for this course and sharing your insights. Adjusting my breathing has had great results and the course delivery is excellent. The videos give you a quick piece of information and I liked referring to the PDF later. Getting emails each day enticed me back to review.”
"With in 2-3 weeks of starting Transform I had some real improvements. Now 5-6 weeks later I am almost fully back to my pre covid exercise levels. What I liked about the course was the videos which I found amazing. I liked to sit and quietly go through them and do the breathing exercises. I would highly recommend Transform course to provide you with the opportunity to deal with any challenges you have."
"I noticed huge benefit with Transform. The course has been a real gift. It helped me change habitual patterns which were ingrained, probably for many years. Doing the course has relieved a lot of physical pain and helped me look at bit deeper at emotions. By making a little time for yourself you will reap the rewards. I highly recommend Transform."

How’s Your Breathing?

You breathe 17,000 times per day.
That adds up to 6 million breaths a year.
Make sure you’re doing it right!

If you’re curious about the life-changing impact that breathing the right way can have, then why not take a sneak peek of what it’s all about?


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