The Big Exhale

Great accomplishments start by breathing the right way. Feel more calm, focused and joyful in everyday life in just 30 days!

The Big Exhale Breath Training Course
Better Breathing for a Better Life

Sleep, body performance, blood chemistry, and nervous system functioning strongly rely on… You guessed right, breath! Discover the difference between just breathing and powerful, conscious breathing and start tackling:
- Headaches
- Neck Pain
- Anxiety
- Disturbed Sleep
- Foggy Thinking
Among many more ‘modern complaints’.

Is It Stress, illness or pain? Whatever your obstacle is, there is a simple and natural solution to overcome it.

Breathing seems so simple, that we even do it without thinking! But what if you’re doing it wrong?

Over a lifetime, bad breathing habits take a toll on the body’s blood chemistry. Changes to blood chemistry impact the autonomic nervous system, which controls multiple functions in your body including immunity, growth, digestion, and reproduction. 

The Big Exhale is about giving you the opportunity to retrain your system, so you can take the most out of each breath. From your brain all the way through to your stress hormones, breath is the foundation of wellbeing, and with a solid foundation in place, everything else works better.

Best of all is that you can join this 30-day life-changing experience from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

Even better, all the conscious breathing techniques are safe, simple, and drug-free!

Meet Catherine, one of our previous students who is experiencing a healthier and vibrant life:

'I’m finding the information in The Big Exhale excellent and I am so much more aware of my bad breathing. My health is improving and I have more energy after working a stressful job for years and aware that my breathing was becoming an issue. Thanks a million'

– Catherine


How Does Breath Training Work?

  •  Only takes you 5-15 minutes each day
  •  For Just 30 Days
  •  Learn from 33 Educational Videos
  •  Includes Access to 35 Exclusive Downloadable Contents
  •  Teaches you to Repurpose your Life Through Your Breathing

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:


Handle the stress of everyday life


Deal with chronic pain such as back or neck pain


Improve performance, stamina and recovery time


Restore calm in stressful and anxious moments through easy techniques


Cope with the challenge of being a busy parent


Cope with trauma, grief or depression


Breathe effectively and efficiently


Restore balance to your nervous system

Meet Justine, one of our previous students who discovered how powerful breathing can be:

'Thank you very much for this course and sharing your insights. There are many aspects that I have been using and adjusting my breathing has had great results.

The delivery of the course is excellent. The videos give you a quick piece of information and I liked referring to the PDF later. Getting emails each day was enticing me back to review.'

- Justine

The Benefits of Conscious Breathing:

• Full of energy
• Calm even during stressful times
• Refreshed rather than tired
• Relaxed
• Mindful (present at all times)
• Focused and alert when you need it
• Healthy and pain-free
• Benefiting from strong immunity and a healthy gut
• Getting a good night’s sleep and waking refreshed
• Able to handle anything life throws at you
• Hormonally balanced
• Happy and emotionally strong

How is the course delivered?

Each day you will receive a short, interesting and exciting video loaded with educational information to guide you along your journey. To make things even easier, you will also receive exclusive access to downloadable resources with tip, tricks, and even more wisdom.

With all of these materials, you will learn both the theory and practice of breathing and stress and the good and bad impact they have on your body. Most importantly, all learning can be done at home and at your own pace.

Last, but not least. Your membership will give you access to the program for 12 months, so you have enough time to come back to refresh and reinforce what you’ve learned.

Meet Aimee, one of our previous students who now feels more calm with her everyday life:

'Breathing should be easy, but it's something I have always struggled with especially growing up with asthma, but thanks to Emma and The Big Exhale, it is now a lot easier already. Even if you find breathing easy and already use your tummy and nose, you will still learn something from Emma and The Big Exhale to help you become an even better breather and probably a lot calmer as well'

- Aimee

Meet your health coach: Emma Ferris

Emma Ferris is one of New Zealand’s leading experts on breathing dysfunction and the link between stress, breathing, and optimal wellness.

As the founder of The Butterfly Effect, Emma created the highly regarded The Big Exhale breathing retraining program to help people understand the importance of bringing the body back to calm when tackling serious health issues, stress, pain and improving athletic performance.