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Learn How to Reset Connection,
Beat Stress and Supercharge Self Leadership.

question for you...

What is the difference between your business and team surviving and THRIVING?

Research has shown that workplace stress is a leading contributor to poor productivity in businesses. With this new Covid world we need to rethink personal leadership and create a culture of innovation, connection and resilience. 

Too many workplaces have neglected the impact stress has on their employees health and engagement. It needs to change.

Whether you’re currently in firefighting mode or your business is booming every member of your team needs to learn the tools that help us not only disrupt stress but obliterate it. 


Thrive - Feel The Fear

Thrive is an in-person, leadership experience for teams looking for a new way to connect, shape a new future and build an arsenal of tools to help build resilience.  

Run by leading Wellness Consultant, Emma Ferris, experiences can range from one to multi day adventures. 


Can you imagine....

What your team would feel like if they knew how in a moment to gain clarity, courage and compassion?

Knowing first-hand the impact stress has on your health, team and businesses, The Breath Effect founder Emma Ferris shares her wisdom and secrets that allow your team to rewire their brain and body to Thrive. Emma has helped top companies around the world discover the simple tool that you can use immediately to pause, tune in and reset your stress response.

Her unique combination as a physiotherapist and breathing coach shines through as she shares the research on stress, connection and health with real time tools to help boost productivity, best stress and recharge connection.

The Breath Effect & AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand decided to join forces

A collaboration was born out of a joint passion for helping people and businesses Thrive through challenge and adversity.

Kawarau_Bridge_Bungy_02 copy

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand knows a little about stress – they have been putting people through it for over 30 years.

Every day, at AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand they witness and help people manage stress, to the point they leap from great heights with a bit of rubber tied round their feet.

AJ Hackett is committed to helping people muster up the courage to do something they never thought they could – filling them with an incredible feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

The Breath Effect & AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand have collaborated and developed a programme that equips participants in real time with tools and techniques to reduce stress and build resilience.   


let's dig into the details OF Thrive

Here's how it all shakes out...

Part one

Building your Inner Tool Box

The founder of The Breath Effect, Emma Ferris will guide the group through reframing stress, learning the theory and technique of better breathing, resilience building and developing a thrive mind set. All these tools are part of building psychological safety, creating connection and helping lead your teams through chaos.


Part 2

Stress and Resilience Training in Real Time

In this session AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand takes each participant on a journey towards potentially doing a Bungy.

By applying what they have learned from Part 1 of the course, and under the guidance of Jump Masters and Emma Ferris, the participant can make their way through the journey leading up to a Bungy – stopping any time they wish or pushing all the way through to make the jump.




This workshop takes place in Gibbston Valley – just 20 minutes out of Queenstown.
Speak to us if you require transport for you group

Group Sizes

Ideally your group size will be between 5 – 15 people.
*We can usually provide some degree of flexibility with the group sizes.


One to multi day experiences are available. Let us know the time you have and we will work something out for you. 


We will keep your team fully watered and feed during the workshop.
*Talk to us about what you need including dietary requirements and we’ll get it sorted.

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