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Unlocking the Secret to Thriving Teams!

Learn How to Boost Productivity, Beat Stress and Supercharge Connection with unique Wellbeing solutions tailored to your business.

From speaker, mind-body coach and stress expert Emma Ferris


A practical and enlightening professional development workshops and coaching to help teams deal with workplace stress, boost productivity and supercharge communication.

I have a question for you:

What's the difference between your business surviving and THRIVING?

Research has shown that workplace stress is a leading contributor to poor productivity in businesses.

Too many workplaces have neglected the impact stress has on their employees health and engagement. 

Whether you’re currently in firefighting mode or your business is booming every member of your team needs to learn the tools that help us not only disrupt stress but obliterate it. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Imagine this...

What it would feel like to work in an A team where everyone is working at their highest and happiest capacity?

Stress is unavoidable and can hijack your body, mind and emotions. Toxic work environments can have a damaging impact on our health long term. 

It isn’t OK to stay stuck in stress mode for long periods of time.

When the body is hijacked by stress it is difficult to stay in the present moment, making it hard to slow down and can create anxiety when you have hit life’s big moments of challenge.

You never know when your business, relationship or livelihood will be impacted and how you will survive. 

We are not taught the skills early in our life to regulate and restore our body back to calm. 

Your body and mind aren’t designed to be in the fight, flight or freeze mode long term and eventually, this takes a toll on multiple body systems and is costly in the workplace. 

Sick days go up, productivity goes down and higher staff turnover.

It doesn’t have to be that way.



The Dynamic Wellbeing Solution that tailors holistic workshops, personal development coaching and keynote presentations for your business.

We nurture your team and business to rethink stress, build resilience, empower leadership and create connection and safety.

Don't take our word for it

Hear What People Say About The Breath Effect workshops
“Emma’s workshop was amazing! She was informative and shared practical tools and examples. She helped our team re-engage with the importance of wellbeing and looking after yourself. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed it and have been sharing with other colleague how helpful it was. We have already had requests from others to attend the next time we have Emma with us.”
"After hearing great things about Emma, we decided to engage with her services to provide support to our team members after a challenging year from the impact of Covid. We are a well-known business with a busy environment based in Queenstown and to have Emma’s support to help our team members in dealing with stress, breathing techniques, aches and pains and be that person for people to talk to has resulted in some amazing changes. Team Member Feedback – “Emma's been great, she made me feel super comfortable in all of our sessions even though I was a bit nervous about going. She's given me some things to work towards which I think are really helping to keep me focused. I've definitely seen a change in the way I react to stress, as well as a change in some other colleagues.” Team Member Feedback – “The breathing therapy was very eye opening to me. I’d never done anything like this before and proved to be very beneficial to take forward with me. Thanks for all the help” Team Member Feedback – “Emma has really helped me to get a better relationship and communication with my work colleges and how to control my stress levels. I have learnt how I can have a good life balance between work and family.”
Hannah Mathieson, Group Human Resource Manager for Ferg Foods Queenstown
“Emma is a confident and highly engaging speaker who has the innate ability to draw in people of all ages and stages. She effectively shares valuable knowledge and models breathing techniques using relatable life experiences and her deeper knowledge of physical and emotional elements of the human psyche. If you are looking for a facilitator who will make a long lasting positive impact on your school and community, I can not recommend Emma enough!“


Every business is different which is why workshops range from a 90minute to a 3 day workshop. One on one coaching is available for all staff.

–  Learn how your primitive survival response can hijack our body, mind and emotions at work. 

–  Discover tools that allow your body to pause, tune in and reset your body and rewire your brain. 

– Develop awareness of body language and the impact on stress and the team.

– Discover how to disrupt stress, create safety and build resilience at work.

– Learn how to thrive through adversity and reframe stress.

-Create psychological safety in the team allowing dialogue for deeper conversations and connection.

Teach Your Team To THRIVE!

Thrive for Business is an in-person or virtual coaching programme run by leading Wellness Consultant, Emma Ferris.
Learning to rewire your brain and body for change requires a holistic approach to dealing with adversity and creating business culture that supports self care and psychological safety.

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Choose the combination of training that is right for your team

...1 on 1 coaching

... Group coaching

... Well-being workshops

...Keynote presentations


Emma Ferris

Emma Ferris is one of New Zealand’s leading experts on stress management and resilience training.

Emma’s background as a Physiotherapist and Breathing Coach combines to create a science based, practical solutions that not only arms your team with tools, but helps them communicate and connect. 

Emma has been a successful entrepreneur and business owner and understands the pressure as a leader and an employee to perform under stress.

She has facilitated programmes successfully in the education sector, construction, private business and local government departments.

With decades of experience Emma has helped 100’s of businesses support staff through times of uncertainty and change.



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