2 hour Webinar – Breathe Right & Reduce Your Stress

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Breathe Right & Reduce Your Stress

Take control of how your body reacts to stress today and learn how breathing exercises can help bring your body and mind back to calm. There is no better time to pause, breathe and tune in.


Crisis is a Great Teacher.

There won’t be many people in the world who feel good right now, and there certainly isn’t a rule book on how to successfully cope during a global pandemic. This is an unprecedented time and you are not failing if you feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious, worried or unmotivated by so much uncertainty. 

But what is certain is that you can learn some simple techniques to help you ride this rollercoaster. The ability to manage your stress reaction during uncontrollable times is crucial to coping.

You have the power to change your mind and body’s reaction to stress and learning to breathe correctly is a key tool. But there is so much more to it than just taking a few slow breaths.

That is all part of the beauty and power of learning techniques through the Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress Online workshop. It is designed to hold up a mirror to your own habits, thoughts, and emotions that contribute to the stress your body and mind experiences. We provide you with the opportunity to retrain your system, so you can make the most out of each breath. From your brain, through to your stress hormones, your breath is the foundation of your wellbeing, and with a solid foundation in place, everything else works better.

Stress Less and Breathe Better with our 2 hour live workshops

What the world needs right now is a big dose of calm. In these uncertain times stress can hijack the body and our breathing, keeping us stuck in survival mode. While stress can be awesome for short periods of time and can makes you do amazing things, our body and mind is not designed to be in stress mode for long periods of time.

If we keep activating our fight, flight or freeze pathways, eventually, this will take a toll on multiple systems in our body. You may have already noticed that your sleep has been impacted which has a knock on effect to your mood, energy levels and ability to focus during the day. Over time our sleep, immune system, digestion, skin, hormones, blood pressure, breathing and nervous system can be impacted causing a range of symptoms. This is because stress hormones that our body release in times of stress travel around our blood and blood goes everywhere. It is why long term stress can cause a range of symptoms that are not always linked together but are related. These include but are not limited to: – Headaches
– Neck and Back Pain
– Anxiety – Fatigue – Disturbed Sleep
– Foggy Thinking -Upset gut -Sexual dysfunction Taking control of stress and learning how change the way you breathe can be a powerful tools for your mind and body. Screen_Shot_2017-05-19_at_9.38.36_AM the-butterfly-effect-course-2000x546_ebda7d46-66f0-4d3d-a2ce-6a99a824f1de

How the online workshop works?

  • Only takes 2 hours for the live webinar
  • Using Zoom webinar service you will watch Emma live and can interact with writing comments as the workshop goes along. 
  • If you can’t make the webinar it will be recorded so you can watch it for the next 7 days from the comfort of your own home.
  • Teaches you to change your stress reaction by better breathing techniques.
  • And many more tips and tricks for staying on top of managing your body’s reaction to stress.
  • All the tips are safe but if you have any medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, shortness of breath etc please check with you medical professional before starting the workshop.




By the end of the online workshop you’ll have learned tools and techniques to help you:


Handle the stress of everyday life


Start to use tools to help with chronic pain such as back or neck pain


Improve athletic performance, stamina and recovery time



Restore calm in stressful and anxious moments through easy techniques


Cope with the challenge of being a busy parent


Cope with trauma, grief or depression


Breathe effectively and efficiently


Restore balance to your nervous system

Meet Aimee, one of our previous students who now feels more calm with her everyday life:

Meet your Breathing Coach: Emma Ferris

Emma Ferris is one of New Zealand’s leading experts on stress management and breathing dysfunction.  Emma is a physiotherapist and breathing coach with over 15 years’ clinical experience as well as a public speaker, an acupuncturist and Pilates instructor. Her knowledge as a Physiotherapist combined with stress management coach combines to give you the tools to that allow you to bring your body back to a calm state.  Learn the link between stress, emotions, breathing, and optimal health and wellness. Through her clinical consultation working with top athletes around the world all the way through to teenagers, burnt-out parents to trauma sufferers, Emma uses her personal experiences, research, and knowledge to empower people to take control over stress and the impact it has on the body and mind.

As the founder of The Breath Effect, Emma created the highly regarded Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress 30 day Course to help people all around the world understand the importance of bringing the body back to calm when tackling serious health issues, stress, pain and improving athletic performance.

Her online Workshops help teach you live the tools from the course so you can start implementing from day one. 

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