60 Minute Workplace Wellness Workshop - Breathe Right At Work

Understand how your body reacts to stress at work and how your breathing is impacted to take control of your health today. Designed for proactive businesses looking for a solution to help staff manage stress, deal with change and build resilience. 

Why Businesses Need to Rethink Stress In The Workplace

In any organisation, at any level, stress can have an impact on our ability to be productive, our work relationships and mental and physical wellbeing. While stress is a normal part of day-to-day life, how we view and manage it impacts our body and depends on our daily habits and the choices.

We can't always control why we experiencing stress at work. What we can control is how our body and mind will react to stress.

Our evolutionary development provided us with this amazing survival response. The flip side of this well tuned survival machine is our modern day work life can have us triggering this survival response multiple times throughout the day. Our body was never designed to be in the fight, flight or freeze mode for long periods. Eventually, in the workplace, stress can take its toll on staff health, productivity and engagement.

Employees suffering from stress-related disorders can have an impact on a businesses bottom line through absenteeism, staff turnover and loss of productivity.

So, how do you support staff in times of stress?

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What to expect in a Workplace Wellness Workshop

Reframing: A 60 minute masterclass experience to reframe how employees view stress and a demonstration of practical ways to integrate mindfulness and breathing techniques into hectic daily schedules.

Mindfulness: A session on mindful breathing techniques to enable employees to ground themselves in any situation, improve mental clarity and better decision making with the ability to handle uncertainty when it hits.

Calm: By learning how to utilise breathing exercises, employees can be less reactive, reduce conflict and increase collaboration.

Reducing Stress At Work:

The Breathe Right at Work Webinar is designed for employees and employers to hold up a mirror to their own daily habits, thoughts, and emotions that contribute to the stress our body and mind experience. We provide you with the opportunity to retrain your system, so you can make the most out of each breath. 

That is the power and beauty of learning techniques that are part of Breathe Right at Work Online Workshops. You have the power to change your body and minds reaction to stress with breathing being a key tool along the way.

Breathing seems so simple, that we even do it without thinking! But what if you’re doing it wrong?

There is so much more to it than just taking a few slow breaths.

Our business sector is awash with industry trainers, coaches and mentors and when we share that Emma was flawless in her preparation and presentation this speaks spades about credibility and competency.

What really impressed was the ease by which Emma engaged and connected with everyone in the room. Wellbeing is locked and loaded on most companies agendas and if you’re prepared to hold your breath and step away from the norm; Emma is sure to deliver an enduring life skill.

Steve Lindsay- General Manager

Professionals MacPherson Realty Ltd


How Does The Online Workshop Work?

  • Only takes 60minutes for the live webinar
  • Using Zoom webinar service you will watch Emma live and can interact with writing comments as the workshop goes along.
  • If you can't make the webinar it will be recorded so you can watch it for the next 7 days from the comfort of your own home.
  • Emma will teach you how to use breathing tools to help reduce stress and improve both your physical and mental health while at work.
  • And many more tips and tricks for staying on top of managing your body’s reaction to stress while at work.
  • All the tips are safe but if you have any medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, shortness of breath etc please check with you medical professional before starting the workshop.

By the end of this course your staff will:


Be able to navigate uncertainty and face challenges in fast-paced environments handling the stress of everyday life and work


Use breathing and exercise tools to help deal with muscular pain while at work such as back or neck pain


Restore calm in stressful and anxious moments through easy techniques throughout the work day


Be able to understand the impacts of their beliefs and daily habits have on their emotions and work.


Be able to use breathing techniques on the go to help manage stress at work


Restore balance to your immune, hormones and nervous system over time with frequent practice of breathing techniques

Meet your Workplace Wellness Breathing Coach: Emma Ferris

Emma Ferris is one of New Zealand’s leading experts on stress management and breathing education in the workplace. She has helped 100's of businesses around the world support staff through times of uncertainty and change. She teaches the link between stress, emotions, breathing, and optimal health and wellness in her practical, empathetic and engaging workshops. Emma is a physiotherapist and breathing coach with over 15 years’ clinical experience as well as a public speaker, an acupuncturist and Pilates instructor.
Through her clinical consultation working with top athletes around the world all the way through to teenagers, burnt-out parents to trauma sufferers, Emma uses her personal experiences, research, and knowledge to empower people to take control over stress and the impact it has on the body and mind.

As the founder of The Breath Effect, Emma created the highly regarded Breathe Right and Reduce Your Stress Course to help people understand the importance of bringing the body back to calm when tackling serious health issues, stress, pain and improving athletic performance.

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